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européen légalization cannabis thérapeutique

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consumption and cultivation for personal use ...
For many years cannabis was recognized as useful or necessary to help
or cure certain diseases. It is also recognized in the treatment of
particularly serious illnesses (glaucoma, anorexia ),... be effective
as a ,medicine (Alzheimer, multiple sclerosis or muscular dystrophy),
or to accompany the treatment of patients with cancer or AIDS.

We urge the authorities to reconsider their decision on cannabis so
that it is accessible, whether by authorized persons (hemp), personal
or plantations, whether ingested or smoked, inhaled, or as a tea, for
the well-being and choice for patients.

In many areas cannabis is less expensive than drugs, not always
effective in the pharmaceutical industry, the right to treat as
everyone wants is a fundamental right.

The laws against the recreational use of drugs, unfortunately, apply
equally to these therapeutic uses. So, seriously ill people are
prevented - or discouraged - to use the care they need and they vitally.

For the right to treat: I'm for the legalization of cannabis for
therapeutic use.

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